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(Alonso, 21 years old, Chilean, Law student at PUCV). My blog is a collection of art pieces that I like. blogging since 2010

ahora juego dota 2 y en las primera 28 partidas solo perdí 7 :v, quiero jugar ranked right now

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Entering the Colorful Kaleidoscope World of @osgemeos

To see more photos and videos from A ópera da lua, explore the Galpão Fortes Villaça location page and browse the #osgemeos hashtag.

A circular installation pulls spectators into the colorful world of Brazilian twin brothers and graffiti artists Os Gêmeos. Their new art exhibit, A ópera da lua (“The Moon Opera”), features paintings, sculptures and a video installation where works are connected by doors and windows. The artists are known for incorporating storytelling and fantasy into their exhibits, where surreal elements blend together in a multicolored collage as if seen through a kaleidoscope.

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no sabia que poner de usuario así que puse FundoCorneliano, muy loser. 

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Sagaki Keita.

Japanese artist Sagaki Keita creates his work by drawing thousands of child like cartoon characters - making each up as he goes - to create an overall familiar landscape or object.  The pieces can become hypnotizing while you look at them, trying to note every doodle that makes up the whole.  See more below:

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Saddo is a Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist. 

Behance | Flickr

Reblog from Miyuki

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Hoy tuve examen oral de administrativo y lo aprobé, lo relevante es que no fui nunca a clases ajaja 

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quiero ver una pelicula pero hay puras weas

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